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    Hooking up speaker to mixer

    I just purchased a Gemini GT-1002 speaker. When I got home, I plugged a 1/4 in. cable into the speaker and into the back of my mixer. When I turn on everything there is absolutely no sound at all coming out of the speaker. There is no power button located anywhere on the speaker, there is a only a plug in for a 1/4 in. cable located on the back of the speaker.
    Is this a speaker where I will have to hook it up to an amp or something to get power from it, or is it a bad speaker? I thought that if I just plug the 1/4 in. cable into the speaker and the back of my mixer it would automatically work. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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    Unless the speaker is powered (has it's own amp) or the mixer has a built-in amp then there is no way that a line output of around 600mv will drive even the tiniest speaker ... If the speaker has just a 1/4" jack and nothing else then all it comprises is a cabinet with a speaker inside. I suspect that's what you have!! A powered speaker will normally have a control panel and power cable!!

    Check the back of the mixer and see what outputs you have. If the best you have is Line Out then yes, you need an amp


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    thanks for the help. ya in the back of my mixer i have a line out and some xlr outputs too. I was looking forward to using the new speaker right away, but now I have to wait til Monday to take it back and get a powered speaker. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!

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    Yea, I'm sure what you have is a passive loudspeaker with a 1/4" jack instead of a Speakon jack. (XLR jacks are also used sometimes)

    most guitar cabinets use this as a speaker level input...

    im afraid you will need an amplifier..

    Note: Check the impedence and rated power before you go buy an amp... Your local salesperson should be able to match up one for you...

    hope this helps..


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