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    Can I have several seperate audio files play in one embedded Windows Media Player?


    I am creating a web site and I want to embed the Windows Media Player in the page for audio files. I want visitors to the site to be able to click on any audio file and have it play in the embedded player without opening a new page, opening the external player, or opening a popup. I did something similar with this with YouTube videos in iframes which was easier because an embedded player wasn't required.

    How can I accomplish this task? Can I use iFrames for this as well? Thanks.

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    You will use <OBJECT> element to do so. A help page titled How to Embed Windows Media Files
    is available on the system and is quite sufficient. Perhaps being a new member to this site and our community the page has apparently missed pulling your attention.

    It is likely that you will also experience media player version problems. I have considerable experience and knowledge on the subject.

    By the way, I hardly see any relation between having an audio file accessible for only windows users on a page and streaming a flash FLI file of a Youtube movie. Using Flash for having or streaming media files is recommended.
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