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    How many hours a day do you watch TV ?

    By watch I mean sit down and watch just TV as well as having it on while cleaning and other stuff.
    I get about 10 hours a day in of TV I think. some times only 6 hours.

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    Well, if having it on while working, etc. counts too, I'd say 24/7 (hopefully, down time = I have a problem ).
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    Depending on the day minimum 4 hrs to 12 hrs max.
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    Guys, I doubt that was a real question..

    Are you sure the person is there? I'm not..

    For these matters I've just got on rampage and left an "appropriate message" on the web design forum, the place where I've been participating for quite a while. Every now and then, I happen to see robot people asking questions and disappear in the way they poped out. I suggest that we might have a "problem" regarding with the frequency of such apperances..

    It is also interesting, however, these individuals must have spent greater time and showed more care preparing their 'keyword enriched' signatures in comparison to what they might possibly have done posting their craps.

    This, not also but ESPECIALLY, includes the cheap-talkers, those site participants who are commenting almost every thing at the first sight, regardless of the message's time of validity - whether it's a responce to a question as it has first appeared, or an additional comment for a 6 years old and long ago abandoned message. Their contribution to the site (and to the world) is nothing; I don't think CPU's would pass off rust if they process somewhat less. Is this a real problem? Well it may not be - but as I said, I've got on rampage

    If we can help changing something it is better we start doing it now.

    I'm not the janitor, but one must be dealing with the garbage.

    Just wanted to let you know - sorry to bother you, If I have.
    first time in Lobby

    best regards;
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    Lol - The answer is close to zero. Still we have meteorology news and various channells to radiate light and sound to our rooms.

    Literally, I've quit watching the television long time ago after arriving home dead-tired so I could barely have sum up enough energy to go to sleep.

    "Heroes" was what I used to watch lastly, then it turned out to be a total merchandise.. It was freaking to see the result, and the experience was quite disturbing. The entire show has changed to some monsterium circus' while one can conjure better things like 'X-Man' of the same kind. But before that, it used to be one of my latest favourites. I've also found the "IT Crowd" quite interesting and highly entertaining, it was in Channel 4 as well as my file-sharing coverage also there was a tremendous show in BBC - but it has also ended, called "Life On Mars". After many years that TV show and its fine casting crew seemed to be what I was missing. Its successor "Ashes to Ashes" features one-of-its-kind hottest Lady as well as most of the crew - but eventually I've stopped watching the show; I missed Life in Mars. Star Trek Enterprise with Scott Bakula have had a magnificient start with entire crew but they also tried to "satisfy the people" and destroyed one great story as well as themselves, in an unfortunate effort to give what was demanded by public.

    Here, an article on what I could say about "Television Today" right here begins, so skip the entire stuff if you're ain't sure you're totally interested

    The Mighty Black-boxes That Blackenned

    Some say the age of TV has begun..

    There are also believers that the TV 's are having their gold ages.

    Curious... I should immediately ask the question 'how on earth a particular market could be on its gold ages where and when everything was collapsing sinking in the dark'.. are there any answers to 'what happens to the merchants if there are no buyers around'. I suppose there should be none.

    Besides, only a couple of networks are looking to be preveailing in this time, not all of them. In fact, most of the stations are either struggling or failing to survive.

    If Roddenberg foresaw it correctly, we are waving a big goodbye to our TV's.. incredibly time wasting and lining up the goddamn people in front of the box, not as before times, but for hours, straight till the sun rise..

    When the normal day begins, people turn their switches off..

    I know even from my family - the resillient intellectual people once they were - what happened to them after retirement?

    People don't do any work.. there is glamour jealousy hatred and gossip being suggested to the masses out there, nothing else but nothing more. What happened to the early 1990's era programmes, their men, women, and their foremans, the professional supervisors, responsible people of directors lecturers and scholars? They've got vanished out of the thin-air. Forget about the 60's movies. and wide-spread optimism - it was the globalization not thin one? Please consider that I am not that old but I start listening to Sinatra, Armstrong .. Fitzgerald .. I've watched Cary Grant Kim Novak the first time in my life.. what happenned to today?

    The best thing I found close was 'Life in Mars' in BBC .. it finished. It's now another total merchandise in ABC I guess - I don't bother myself with watching the imitations.

    But I think I do know how to appreciate - spending so much time to study science, engineering, developing my skills and knowledge, then observe things and beginning to criticize them, I must have learnt it in the process. Is this where I am on - point of appreciation? I think not. It's hell of criticizing the moment, and I don't think masses are concerned with the hunger before they realize it's ringing their bells inside!

    A Problem With Today

    Nevertheless, people on the street are dreaming about something they could never have a chance to reach.. and it is not perhaps their rights to do even. But I think it is being pumped up deliberately, injected into their thoughts without showing them the consequences. The once productive humans converted to smt that looks for consuming, until there is nothing left to do so. The idea they were given does say simple:

    If you desire sth violently then it comes right into your feet

    Great! Ironically 'hard-work' will pay-off after that sentence, at last! Constant efforts of sheepifying the humans? I might sound like the weird looking left-hand speakers of past times, but this is just what I'm seeing right now. I wonder who'll be the last of cowboys to lead this cattle...

    I ain't no philosopher, but are all the philosophers and thinkes got killed? Where are the father figures and spiritual protectors of humanity? are they kidnapped are they on drunks, nuts crazy?? - what happened?!

    The Conclusion

    DVD's are apparently your best friends, you can choose your programs, best of it, you can choose the time! I've started to watch original Star Treks and I felt terribly ashamed that once I had despised and ignored them, possibly thinking it might have been backwards. Heh.. Well actually It was a lot more than what I might expected ... it was shocking for me to realize they had a better world and better dreams in that time.

    Well, DVD's are, in conclusion, one hell of a substitute for what you might watch in televisions today:

    " Watch me preparing a dinner to you
    listen to who says what, and more importantly, about whom,
    see who'll win the big prize in the end

    also in today: to your biggest suprises smo. has turned out to be a gay and let's see who this person is! hey relax, enjoy the freedom remember? "

    I'll be damned if I buy it

    p.s. if you're worried about the time I "waste" writing such stuff, first it is a respect for the readers, at least in my point of view, and second, they're hopefully to be part my own blog so I need to compose such material and gather them in one place. Better to worry about sth else

    best regards;
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    I really only watch TV when I am attempting to go to sleep. Even then I am more listening to cable news. The only other option for me is some sports such as football or NCAA mens basketball.

    Where I live, in Tucson, we are waiting to see if our Wildcats will make it into the 'Big Dance" for the 25th straight year. Then its a sports holiday until football starts again.

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    I'd say about 4 hours.

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    Now i think i have watch Tv more than 2 hours each day.

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    Maybe one hour of pundits if I'm lucky, or if I'm so exhausted from work and have to sit down and relax. I only follow a couple of shows, and check the news every so often. But for the most part, I go to the web for information and sometimes for entertainment too, like reading my favorite blogs.

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    Live the best you can.
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    When you are working ina office under a rigid boss , it's not that easy to get time to watch TV. My life sucks man....

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