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    good way to learn terms used for MX70


    I don't know much about audio visual technology and I was asked to work with a Panasonic MX 70 and adjust the chroma key system.

    I am not familiar with the terms they used in the settings and was wondering if anyone here could help me better understand what they mean, since if I knew what they meant I could figure out the rest of this...

    Some of the terms when talking about the chroma-key settings are:
    When talking about the Key they have: Slice, Slope and K level
    In the Color Cancel section they have: Offset, C Slice, C-Area, Mono

    I think knowing that these mean and also why the setup had 3 Chroma Key blocks too (are these individual color cancellation settings?)

    I am not sure if this is too specific for this forum or not, but any help I might get is great, since the manual doesn't explain the terms...

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    The terms they use are panasonic-specific, but they what they do can be figured out by looking at the output on a composite (and perhaps a Y/Cr/Cb parade) waveform monitor and vectorscope while tweaking the keyer values with an image that you want keyed 'over' a black background.
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