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    Best place to create website at?

    I would be grateful if you guys shared some info about the best places to create website at, and tell me why it is better than others. It should be economical and reliable.
    I'm looking to create my own website, so it'll be great help.

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    The answer to your question is, and in my opinion, THE BEST ISP IS THE ONE NEXT TO YOU..
    so you can go see your files at anytime. Believe me it is more than 'necessary' to be in close contact with your service provider.

    Other than that, you can find a reputable real company like Yahoo! to rely on their services, which would be costly than others, but you can delegate your 'supervision' with the associated customer managers - and you'll find the relief, perhaps, you've been looking for

    By the way, it is always good to see this website makes some 'extra money' through public advertising; good job!

    But what was the commision rates again? hey Jenny, any ideas?

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    K: Oh wat is that supp..?
    J: See these numbers? Half in the size Double in power!! I use these numbers making my own way
    K: ... oh dear how can I have one for me?
    J: easy! just double-u double-u double-u ....................

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    I found this site a little while ago, I don't know how it works exactly, or if it's what you're looking but it might help.


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