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    4 websites needing critique

    If you want, critique the last one since that's the one I'm the most interested in.

    What do you think about the navigability of these sites?

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    critisizing someone else's already navigation

    The following isn't dedicated for one individual called whomever it reads there.. this isn't about "Charles Pearson", only.

    Let me tell you all this: I've just checked all of them.

    It says "Powered by WordPress | BranfordMagazine theme by Michael Oeser. " and are we gonna make a 'critique' about this?

    Allright, I am giving you one:

    No content no aesthetics no knowledge, but greediness
    Sort of despicable attempts of any kind - bah! this seems to be part of what is being popular these days.. a de facto situation! Your pages are perfectly empty!

    In conclusion, your sites are uglier than one another, especially that investment one - if you are sincere about having a better apperance I believe I can be much help. I have experience in portal bulding and skills to shape'em their neat looks; as far as I'm concerned in my abilities I don't see a "why not".

    But right now, I have another thing that has been disturbing for quite a while - so I'm gonna write about this one, instead!

    Until coming down to your navigation these were all I can sort out! Are you satisfied?

    And since you're looking to be another '1-time poster' I don't think you'd ever mind it after all.. besides, I even doubt you exist.

    And if you are, in case you might wanna show up somehow at sometime -then but only then- I'd be happy to be corrected, and be of any assistance I might! Check out my previous posts and align your thoughts about me. I can do that.

    but NOW...
    here comes the second part..

    Have the advertising comedy ceise-operating you people shut down these bad looking all-empty sites, too. In the IT world once our target was supplying selective and healthy information to a certain portion of people in the world. They were lucky to find themselves in the mid of wired facilities, they had access to connect elsewhere in the world, other than their autoparks and kitchens. BBS'es Telnet places, call them they call you back places.. Eudora, Gopher news groups ...

    and the beautiful Veronica - a search engine of INTERNET.. there used to be a saying, there were little men inside that Veronica thing .. you enter your queries, it used to fetch the information, and tell you where what you are looking for is. Awesome.

    Now we lost that selectivity both in information and that in the people. I am profoundly sorry to see things coming to where they are today. We don't serve information to the people anymore. We don't need computer documents all we need is a debit card.

    Nowadays it is about pharmacy pages, car dealers, wedding stuff.. I wonder if ANYBODY HAS TOLD YOU THE WORLD IS IN CRISIS AND NOBODY WILL LIKELY TO GO DO ONE OF THESE FOUR THINGS?

    * buying drugs - in my country it is hopefully prohibited - but people think it's profitable to poison othersm thanks to the populariy of keywords, am I right?
    * buying a car - the next worst thing to invest your money after buying computers
    * weddings - need economical boost to see us people getting married anytime soon
    * investment - people can afford in very short time investments for the next dinner if they can.

    But these were also the FOUR THINGS one should have followed if they were to MINE A FEW GOLDS out of vast resources of internet.. am I right? that was what the precious internet resource pages once saying.. now we have SEO pages!

    But there is no such thing called INTERNET

    I don't believe in this. But there are PEOPLE! I believe in the people who is striving to get to somewheer, who respect to others, who share, love to share.. who loves not hates.

    Even now, there are those individuals who are studying hard, learning, then sharing, start giving back .. they cook you stuff for you to eat it.. then it is their right to expect you people doing the same thing in the same manner, too. This is what we saw in our families. It is one big problem if you have missed a similar opportunity.

    I do I know there are people - in this site - who are willing to spend their time and write down whatever they have founded about your sites - pour down their professional or amateurish but sincere expertises, findings - they will suggest things to you freely - they won't go charge you for anything..

    And they are not doing that to you for your individual beings, although it might be confusing as they could appear otherwise. They lay down the information they can get on these pages only hoping that other people in the world could also reach it sometime and benefit from them. That is also why this web site is being held running, and operating..

    despite its costs, depite its countless difficulties ..

    And they do this every time.. they are such people of the previous age, if I can talk like that.

    And you people, those empty posters and especially the sh*t-load of silly commentors, do love to exploit this humanity? Wanna exchange their stuff for a few additionbal dimes, coins pennies in the end of every month???

    Screw the robots, where is the ABOUT page of your sites? what is the PREFACE section of you people tell about as individuals? Who are you? The willing-participants, eager to jump-off at every occasion, drop several empty words, put down their signatures, and get off. This isn't about an individual I said... This is about a status quo!

    This is about everything we see today. This is not a casual outburst, but it's a highly sophisticated one that you get in your hands after you managed retrieving my thoughts, my comments about this - that among the kinds of all I managed to ignore, but until today.

    I am extremely sick of this status, and sharing whatever resources with all these "infected" individuals. I said infected because they think this is the only thing it should be and one should be doing. Then they start resembling to eachother.. Go to Google type keywords and start seeing the results..

    Pages for robots not humans..

    But in return they say ' but we lost jobs ' and they are ready to shut their mouthes - postpone their talks - for one month even further if you pay them this month. Pay them a few dimes through adSense, people come up with these sites, fight each other for cents, even a hundred bucks, then, infect the world, share and recieve nothing at all.

    Well guys - your stomachs ain't be larger than all of ours - at least, sholdn't be. Learn to behave, sit down your places all-day starving hell if I care the slightest.

    Let me go find nice CSS web sites that have launched recently - there are still great people out side. This very place you are spoiling goes "unattended" these days, but the people behind this mediacollege "project" are all the same species with you, but they were totally different. We need better people of a higher intellectuality and common sense if there is any such thing.

    best regards;
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