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    Jump Cuts

    I wanted to expand on your information about jump cuts. This is rooted in 14 years of broadcast television videography experience and numerous awards, including 2 emmys.

    While it is technically correct that jump cuts look amateurish, they do have a place in creative editing. The tricks are to pay careful attention to natural transitions, creative sequencing, and timing. This is a simplistic explanation, to be sure, and would benefit from further discussion.

    I offer this not as a contradiction, but an addendum to, your information.

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    You are quite right. There is actually a note on the page to this effect, but it was right at the bottom and not obvious. I've moved it further up the page and highlighted it.

    If anyone wants to add to this, go for it. It would be quite a good topic to expand on: When and how to use a jump cut creatively.
    Dave Owen


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