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    Drop down navigation menu from image

    I was wondering if it was possible (or if there is a code out there some where) that would allow me to add a drop down menu to an image that I have on my website. I have seen many scripts for drop down menus, but they all seem to be geared towards menus that use text. I have images in my menu, so I was wondering if there was one where I could make this work. Please help!


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    You can use DHTML to do this. There used to be lots of freely-available scripts but now I can't find any. Most of the free sites I used to go to for this sort of thing seem to have closed down.

    There are still plenty of paid versions available. Do a search for "dhtml drop menu" and you'll find lots of scripts which you can purchase. The downside of these scripts is that they tend to be a bit bloated (have more code than you need).

    I'll keep looking and let you know if I find anything for free. The other option would be to learn how DHTML works and make one yourself, but obviously this will take more time.
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