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    Premier Pro 2.0/Clips/scenes


    After capturing an hour of HD video from a Sony HVR-Z1U is there a easy way to break the single clip into multiple Clips and Scenes.


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    If you do not want to recapture in smaller segments, you can use a master clip to make subclips. Set in point and out point in the source monitor, then right click and choose Make Subclip. Name it and the subclip will be available in your project window.

    You might be better off editing right off the master clip because with subclips you can't pull handles like regular edits.

    There are also other applications that split .avi files (such as avisplit). I have never tried them so I can't say if they cause degradation.


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    Aloha and Mahalo for your answer, I think maybe I did not ask the question correctly.

    I used to edit film as it came back from the lab cutting out the junk and saving the good stuff until I could build my show.

    What now exist is an hour, or so of HDV, that after capture I want to do sort of the same, throw away the junk, save the good. Probably something I don't do right, but when I capture from the digital tape Adobe Premier imports one untitled clip, which is what I want to break apart and only save the good work.

    I hope I explained myself better.


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    Hi Eric

    Any NLE has non destructive editing!! Consider the clip a reel of film BUT one that you have dozens of copies of!! Drop the big clip onto the timeline and slice the first piece of footage you want and then delete the rest. Once you are happy with that, drop the entire clip again onto the time line and select the next bit. Any NLE allows you to use a clip multiple times, or slice it up on the time line and remove the bits you don't need. That's why it's considered "non-destructive" editing.


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    Something that might help as well is to capture with HDVSplit. That will split the clip by timecode and you will have more smaller clips to work with. For some people that is easier, for others not so much. It depends on how you edit.
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    You may benefit by the set-insandouts-first-then-edit method of editing. In many NLEs, you can set it to have two 'monitors', one is your current clip and the other is your timeline. Many of them have keyboard keys to control the active 'monitor' (spacebar/j/k/l is common). In many, you can simply double click a source clip, it will load into a monitor, then you can scrub through it, mark in with either i or [ or the proper key for your editor, mark out with o or ] or similar, then press a key (this one is very editor dependent) to drop this clip into the timeline at the end. You can do this for your entire 'clip', and then will have individual clips in series in your timeline, making a very rough edit (with the clips hugely out of order). Then, in some of these NLEs, you can drag all of the mini clips you made from your timeline into a different folder or bin so that you can reuse those same ins and outs as if they are just smaller clips, but you can still extend them if needed.

    Hope this helps!
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    Aloha Guys

    I wish I had come here a looong time ago. these answers in very few post have taught me more than several years of stumbling with Adobe. I can see some fun ahead. But probaly some ? as I move my Premier Pro to a new computer with much more inside. 4gig memory, 4 drives totaling almost a terabyte of memory. I provided my dealer the system requirements, so he set uo the first drive as system, the second as scratch and the last 2 as RAID0. The Computer suports 2 moniters and has a clock of 2.?4.

    When I was 16 I one an award for my school project. And for a lot of years did pleasant work in film. I was successful converting to Digital Stills, but the video switch not so pleasant. With your help and this new computer things will change.



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