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    why is my flash site slow?

    Hi all,

    can anyone help me please. My flash site is pretty slow, i know that this might be related to various things like internet connection speed, but my specific question is what size should an swf have in general, just so that i have a reference as to what is 'heavy' or 'too heavy'... thank you

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    Hi, Could you tell me the name of your website so that I can check and tell you what is the exact problem.


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    Hi Tony;

    You and your affiliation with Flash is world-famous

    It is from my experience that a big SWF file doesn't suggest it is going to be a slow connection, or a slow performance at all.

    I would like to learn how you call a web page "slow" .. Since this is a Flash application, much of the process takes place at user-end.

    If it's so, it could be a CPU related problem, like bad loops and over-calculations or something, or a memory related one, like a memory leakage (if applicable in flash) or matterial taken into upper memory without refreshing all the time.

    Upload an MP3 file which would be larger in amount of disk space and transmission; use MC player trying and see it yourself, where the actual problem lies.

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    All 3 of these sites have some (at times all) pages opening late. Could you guys please tell me if they open up slowly on your computers? Even the preloaders take a while to appear. Kunter, i'm going to make that mp3 experiment quickly and i'll come back to you on the result... thanx

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    i uploaded an mp3 file into the FTP like you said, and then proceeded to (try to) open it by typing the URL:

    this mp3 is comparitively light (1,91MB) but yet it took forever to open (actually it did'nt, after afew minutes i gave up). Ignorance is not bliss. Please give me some indications here...

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    From what I see, I had no problems listening to that music and viewing your web pages - I realized you have forgotten to add '.PT' suffixes rather than '.COM' otherwise I got to nowhere

    I could have perfectly viewed all your telephone models without experiencing a difficulty.

    I live in Turkiye and I'm on a typical 1 Mbps broadband public access. This is an AMD Turion 64x2processor. At least what we know is I was clear at these fronts.

    And one last thing - you would like to "call your ISP" to learn whether your web pages load in the normal perimeters; traffic management is their job, in case you'd like to know.

    p.s. permission to 'borrow' your music - for any non-commercial uses
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    - kunter ilalan web designer
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    Help very much appreciated Kunter, what a relief, so things are only slow at my end. Sure u can borrow that 'song'. It's by a christian band called Mute Math...


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    One more thing that might be a helpful indication, in the img anexed is a partial view of the FTP when i upload files. What folders are those that i circled in red? Are they supposed to be there?
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    They are essential for the Frontpage; most of the time you see these directories automatically created for you.

    There's nothing to mess mith them; you should perhaps focus on what caused the delays
    - kunter ilalan web designer
    follow him on twitter and on MediaCollege

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    Make small file as .swf. Reduce it 10 MB to 1 MB. It will work fine.

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