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    help needed urgently

    hi all, im new here and i reali need help...
    im on this video editing assignment and has been figuring out how to use adobe premiere pro...reali hope i can get some help from here cus i went t most libraries w/o any result of help received...=(

    how to enlarge my video? as in, cus i inserted 3 diff videos (cus i need 3 different camera view points) , 2 of the camera views were the same size and fit the screen while 1 of them, which is the most important part, is super small and in the middle of the screen with thick black border surrounding it...

    and how to fix 3 different video shots playing concurrently on the same screen?

    and how to incorporate a background i created to be the background of all the videos, showing it as though the videos are playing from the background itself?

    i sincerely apologise for thsi long post of mine.. i reali had no deadline is in a week time...=(
    sorry...reali need help

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    Quote: aylicia
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    i reali had no deadline is in a week time...=(
    sorry...reali need help
    A week is hardly enough time to learn Premiere and I am astonished that your teacher would expect that

    Learn everything you can about Keyframing, that would be the best start.
    In particular, keyframing scale and position This would definitely been easier with Premiere Elements using Themes but you have what you have.

    There is a very good article on keyframing here
    Under Steve's Tips, Keyframing Basics. The article is for Premiere Elements but the timeline in Pro is almost identical, you should have no problem figuring it all out.

    There are some great tutorials right here at Media College
    and there are other free tutorials that will help available at Muvipix as well.
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