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    Thanks guys...

    Karl, sorry I forgot to mention that I use DIRECT BOXES for all instruments to balance the signal. What I need to do is just a balanced cable from D.I. Box (TRS 1/4 ) to the MIXER (TRS 1/4) and other couple for my Speakers.

    I have a couple of TRUE B2031A speaker monitors and a YAMAHA MG16/6FX mixer. What I should do is a balanced connection because BOTH handle balanced inputs and outputs to reduce HUM and weird noises.

    It is said as well, that a circuitry of a balanced input device makes a SUM with a phase (letīs say the TIP) and another identical phase but reversal (... the RING), (...and the shield to the SLEEVE) to get rid of the noises filtered in the cable and get a a clean signal.

    So, if i'm right. It seems to me that making a BALANCED TRS cable is just like constructing a STEREO cable. Is that right?


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    Aha, said Holmes, we get to the crux of the matter.

    Yep. Two wires to tips and rings, enclosed by a shield connected to sleeves, identical for stereo unbalanced or mono balanced.

    Are you using electric guitars? I'd be interested to know what kind of results you get. It used to be that the guitar pickups themselves were by far the largest source of hum - long time ago - have guitar makers adopted shielded pickups now? If not, I wonder why.

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    "real" guitars are sheilded, cheap ones arn't but you can sheild them yourself using kitchen foil .

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    Thanks karl.

    I remember once, a friend of mine had a cheap guitar and there was a lot of noise and hum,not only because of the shielded thing. In fact it was shielded. The problem were the pick-ups, they were unbalanced. Then after a couple of years he bought another guitar with humbucker pick-ups and got connected to a TS input plug 1/4 to a digitech SPDIF out put, man... NO NOISES, NO HUMS, NO ANYTHING. The sound was very clean. We got amazed how clear the guitar was. So, two things to consider. Shield in the whole guitar and expensive guitar pick-ups. And do not forget direct boxes. Now i ask myself if there are balanced outputs in a guitar (iīm a keyboardist ) ?

    Well, All companies always sell bad, good or hi-quality things. And there are pro's , newbies, middlelevel people around there. So if you are serious about sound. Buy serious products and knowing what you are buying, too!!!!!!
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