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    @#$!?%# Publisher

    Does anyone have any idea how to get a remotely useful result from a Publisher file??

    Here's my problem:

    I'm building an online learning course at a technical college. One of the resources I've been given to attach to an activity has been created in Publisher. It's a 60Mb file - obviously way too big to attach to a web-based LMS.

    I've tried outputting a PDF from it, but it's been created as A3 landscape, and it resolutely refuses to output at anything other than A4 portrait.

    For the record, I didnít create this document; ordinarily I refuse to touch Publisher with a ten-foot pole.

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    Hey Clownfish

    CutePDF will output a PDF from the PUB file BUT if it's been created as an A3 protrait file then that's what you will get!!

    I agree, it's clumsy and the files are huge but your only remedy here is to open it in Publisher (if you have the right version!!) and reformat it!!


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    Eh, I don't care, as long as it comes out at all.

    Bugger reformatting it: If the originator is foolish enough to create it at A3, that's their lookout; I just want to get the damn thing on the LMS. I have to hold these guys' hands enough as it is.

    So, will CutePDF actually take the PUB file and process it? ie, you don't need to work from within Publisher? (joy!)

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    Hi Clownfish

    Unfortunately not!! CutePDF is installed on your machine as a "printer" you then open Publisher and hit "print" and select "CutePDF" as the printer and it writes the pages to a PDF with most word processors!!


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    Cute PDF rocks!!!

    my $0.02


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