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    From very new tryer!!!

    Hello everyone...

    I hope someone can help me...

    I have tried to save an external CSS using the very simple method given and understood in a missing manuals book.

    However, when I clicked save, it told me that i cannot save the file as a .css and that I would have to save it as an .rtf file.

    Well, I already have a style.css file saved in the relevant folder (but for reasons not pertinant here this file is not suitable for use with the website i am building).

    I have changed the format to plain text and the option I got then was to save as a unicode file!


    Can someone help me with this please... I feel as though i am stuck and that this really shouldn't be such a problem. So, I am obviously missing something very basic, so please don't throw tomatoes or anything at me... ta.

    Thank you in anticipation


    Merry x

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    Unicode (UTF-8) should be fine.
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    I think she's asking something as simple as " SAVE AS - ALL FILES " kind of stuff like that in the notepad.

    But truly I have no idea about Mac's.
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