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    Photoshop most certainly should have the Paths palette.

    Usually it is grouped as a tab with the Layers and Channels palettes.

    Otherwise, just select Window > Paths

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    well then, I'm correcting it

    Quote: tonsofpcs
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    That file is 32-bit PNG. 8r 8g 8b = 24 + 8a = 32
    Yeah, I must 'somehow' have forgotten to say that my image file, which was in the form of a portable network graphics, supported the palettes of 24-bit RGB colors out of the alpha channel, or, even to be more precise,

    the RGB colors with improved transparency.

    I hope the dispute is now settled;
    I've gladly corrected myself
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    Please take your time

    Before listing a question like this, why not read a little in this same forum, This question had been asked & answered so many times.

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    You can make the background of a gif image transparent so that the background will blend into a web page

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    For transparent background

    (1) Create a New Transparent File
    If you are using photoshop

    Select File > New from the menu. A window opens like the one pictured right this includes the option to make the file transparent.

    Once the new file has been created, add your image content to one or more new layers. This will happen automatically if you copy and paste an image into the file.

    (2) Add a Transparent Layer
    You can add a transparent layer to an existing file by selecting Layer > New > Layer from the menu.

    The new layer will be added above the currently selected layer. Drag the new layer below the image's layer.

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    RE: Need help with transparent background please!

    Depending on the website's or page's background, you should set the color of the second layer as that. Simply follow the steps that was given prior except that the transparent layer is now the color of the background from the intended website or page. Hope that helps!

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    I tried to add it to a Corel Paint Shop file and it worked! no stray box around it! Just the butterfly! Thanks again for your help!!!!

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