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    projector need repair?

    hi, anyone know where can i get my panasonic projector fixs?

    I have a Panasonic PTLB60E, when i on power , it shut down and green light blicking? I sent it for repair at pana but below repair they want $$$$ dianogis.
    Any independant service centre for projector repairs around in singapore?

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    Hi there master300p,

    Have you considered sending it to the store you indicated in the other post you just wrote? (although there wasn't anyone requesting for a store...) And you are the owner of JK?

    I will still recommend going to Panasonic for diagnostics. I don't think they charge the moon for it. I send stuff to Sony, and diagnosis is affordable.
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    Loong . Singapore

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    Projector repaired fast and cheap @V3 Systems & Services Pte Ltd

    Thanks men,

    My projector done and repired, i sent to

    Fast, cheap, respond.



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