To add to Dave's ESPN thread, Sky today broadcast their first football match in 3D, in the United Kingdom.

The service was available to a select few pubs and bars around the country, and customers/viewers who watched the match reported a much more intense viewing and an altogether better experience.

They wore glasses that looked as though they had plain glass in, but the frames looked fairly old-fashioned.

The broadcast was simultaneous with the standard SD/HD 2D program, and therefore resulted in two entire teams of people working alongside each other. Producers and Camera Supervisors wore 3D glasses, but I don't know if the operators wore them or not.

If you read (I think) the Sky news link, it talks about needing two sets of crews - therefore twice as many people to be hired, therefore increased demand for us!

A few interesting links:

Sky Article

An interesting pic - showing purely the monitor, thus no glasses.

Techier Article by Sony.