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    Reviews Of Video Sharing Scripts

    I came across this forum while searching the Web for ratings of video sharing scripts. I was ready to make a purchase and was hoping to avoid buying a lemon. I didn’t post this in the “Reviews” section because I want to know more about various video-sharing products.

    I was a little surprised that I could not find a forum thread for this topic - but I did find Dave’s article, Reviews of Video Sharing Scripts, which I found very helpful ( Still, there is much we don’t know and I hope others will contribute their experiences about the products in that article.

    I eventually bought ClipShare Pro, and I will certainly offer my opinion after I’ve been running with it for a few months. Although it is too soon for me to comment about the product, just getting it up and running has not been a good experience. I hope it turns out to be worth it. My biggest challenge has been finding a good hosting company. I actually purchased & cancelled 3 hosting accounts before finally settling on the fourth one. I won’t go into the reasons but I will tell you this - read the ClipShare server requirements very very carefully. And confirm with your host that they can support those modules. You will probably need a VPS because they require “SSH root access” to your server. I doubt that a low-budget shared hosting arrangement would work with this product.

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    This is just a follow-up to my previous post. I have been running Clip-Share Pro for about a year now. Since it is the only video sharing software I own I cannot compare it to others - but I can say that I am pleased with the application. Most of the problems that I had were related to the hosting, and not my software. The biggest problem I had was trying to upload a video file size about 300 MB. The upload would never finish and would just crash after a few minutes. It turned out to be a setting on the server. It took weeks to figure that out and I never could get the technical support to admit what it was.

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    I'm sorry I missed your original message but thanks very much for this info. I came close to going with ClipShare and I still rate it as an option, so it's good to see your comments.

    I ended up going with PHPMotion and it's okay but it's far from perfect. I need to upgrade to the latest version (I hope to do that in March) and that's when I'll post an update to the original article. To be honest I'm not sure that I made the right decision but I won't say any more just yet.
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