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    which software is the best for a beginner

    goodday house,thanks for bn there for me all d time....i am an amateur(beginner) in videography but dont av an idea of a particular software to use for editing my videos..pls help me out.thanks

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    Windows Movie Maker is a good start as it's FREE and already included with the Windows Operating System.

    Get familiar with that and then it's purely a personal choice!! It's a good idea after you have some experience, to download various trial versions and see if you like them.


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    thanks for ur advise....but,is windows movie maker the only good software for and amateur?

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    I think movie maker is good for starting out, you learn the basics from it and then move on to something better. I first started with movie maker and then went to Imovie which is also basic and then moved onto more professional stuff such as final cut.


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    I agree that Movie Maker is a good program to start with, also depends on if you will be using a MAC or a PC though.

    I started with Premiere Elements, but that isn't the easiest software out there either. It really depends on what type of editing you plan on doing and how many effects you want. How much you want the program to do for you or how much freedom you want to be able to be creative.

    It also will depend on your current computer system and your camcorder type/format. Lots to consider before someone could give you a real honest answer. As an example, if you have a DVD or HDV Hard Drive camcorder Windows Movie Maker isn't going to do a thing for you

    It is usually best to start with the software that comes with either your camera or your computer.
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    Movie maker is pretty easy

    We use Sony (vegas) Studio
    Its real nice and a good low cost. If you get used to movie maker then want more options this would be a good step up afterwards


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