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    best shotgun mic for around $300?

    i purchased a new camera with XLR inputs so i want to get a good shotgun mic to capture great sound for shorts, docs and other videos. any recommendations? i am willing to spend around $300 or so. is there anything good in that price range? if not then what is a good one and roughly how much would it cost? i would be willing to save.

    also should i get a cardioid or super cardioid or other? basically i just want a mic that will capture great sounds with no hiss or anything else that interferes with the audio. thanks for any help!
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    Hi OrangeFlava

    The Rode Videomic is still probably the most versatile unit on the market and it costs a lot less than $300!!


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    yes the Rode VideoMic is a great mic but since you have XLR inputs on your camera, you have the possibility of a balanced signal which means you can have a very long cable without introducing noise and hum into the equation...

    does your camera also supply phantom power (48v)?

    if it does, id go with a hotshoe shockmount and a Rode NTG-1

    if not, you will need the NTG-2 that has a battery power supply for the phantom power...

    im sure these should still be in the $300 range...

    good luck..


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