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    I have been looking at other options


    I have been exploring other avenues and companies, but no deal. The job with comcast was as an installer position. I hate to leave this industry after working so damn hard to break in. Company is struggling and they owe me some checks


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    Hey Dan

    The global recession has hit some people hard!! Sorry to hear you still have nothing. The words "global recession" more often than not, makes companies say "stop hiring"

    Your only real option now is to find something freelance, preferably in a sector that is not too affected by recession traits. The wedding video industry still seems to roll on without any signs of recession!!!

    I have work right up to November 2010 already and still get an average of one enquiry a day from brides wanting wedding footage. This being the case, you will find that there are plenty of avenues where you will still find a bouyant enconomy!!!

    Did you look at ???? They seem to be always looking for cameramen and pay well!!


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    Flexibility is important. With a willingness to take on perhaps jobs we've never thought we would (of course, jobs that doesn't clash with morals), I trust that will help us get through. It's interesting to know also, that many entrepreneurs are 'born' in such times as well.

    Keep walking.
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