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    Hello, Everybody

    I am a skateboarding filmer and i am now looking to buy a new camera. I was thinking about getting a Canon HV20 but since my computer is not that good I fear I wont be able to edit the videos in HD. I have heard of a lot of CMOS camera but since reading all of your comments I think it would be better to get a 3ccd camera. Could any of you please recomend me to good camera with a 3ccd chip. Possibly a Sony, and not the VX collection. A cheaper one if you could. THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    If it's just for filming sports events etc, either outside or in decent light, then I don't see any reason why you shouldn't get a CMOS camera. I have one myself, and whilst it performs poorish in low light, it does give good footage elsewhere.

    In terms of HD editing - what spec is your computer? Processor, RAM, Graphics card are the main things!


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    Since budget is a factor I don't think you should be fixed on getting a 3-CCD camera. There are many things that determine picture quality and there are other things to consider as well, such as how practical the camera is for your type of shooting. I'd say be a bit flexible - look for a camera that provides sufficient image quality but take the whole package into account, not just the CCD.

    Personally I recommend HD if you want the footage to have any longevity. You can down-convert to SD for editing and viewing for now, but you have the HD footage for posterity.
    Dave Owen

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