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    Can you also give me some advice on using flash units????

    I have a Bower 724AFM flash that is "supposed" to work with my Dimage 7.
    Set the Pre-flash TTL, if you have done this I do not know what is wrong

    SOLIGOR DG 340 DZ works with minolta, but sometimes has problems with over and underexposure
    You must also use a diffuser with a wide angle


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    Thanks for asking Chris, I try to pop by as and when I can. I wanted to answer some posts in the Video section today, but was caught up at work.

    Well, things have been slower at work. Our mad shoot schedules lasted from Feb - Mar and it's all post-production work now. We've been shooting a short series to educate youths on the issue of Gender uniqueness and Same Sex Attraction based on Christian beliefs. I shot something 'fun' last month.

    We had something akin to an Apprentice challenge in January where 17 - 19 yr old students having vacation joined us, and the team that I was in charge of was assigned to conceptualize and produce viral videos for online and mobile phones. They did quite a fantastic job, 4 videos in 3 wks or so!

    Have you considered Metz flashes? I used one a long while back and they're good, and works on most if not all brands of cameras.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Thanks guys!!

    The only flash units that really work are the Minolta 3600 and 5600 series and my photography is not really income producing (At weddings I use the camera to grab a few shots that I can use on titles or DVD covers)
    Minolta flashes are rare here are expensive too!! I bought my camera used (on eBay) so I have decided to stay "old school" and found a Hanimex TZ36 unit which has auto functions but I'll use it as a manual flash. It also has a low trigger voltage which is critical for Digital cameras... There were a bunch of Metz units on eBay but most have trigger voltages above 100v which would fry digital camera sync circuits!!! However you can get a hotshoe adapter that allows a standard flash to fit onto a dedicated hotshoe and it also has a neat voltage limiter built in.

    Thanks for all the help Maciek, really appreciated!!!! I will definately also make myself a nice battery pack to go under the camera. Your's is really cool!!! I put the Bower flash on eBay and so far the bidding has gone over the price I paid for it!!


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    Hi i have A minolta dimage 7hi and would like to purchase some lenses, especially a telephoto and a zooming lenses to get better close up. i'm also lookig for a wide angle lense. does anyone know of any kind that are good for this camera?

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