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    editing 30 years worth of video/pictures and combining them to form a timeline

    Hi all,

    I've got many questions that would apply to many in my opinion. I'll try to be as succinct as possible while giving you enough background first in order to understand where I'm coming from:

    I am a photo/video enthusiast and have been for more than 30 years.

    I've first taken pictures with a good quality 35mm (lots of slides and prints as output), then a Mavica F-88 ( lots and lots of pictures in JPEG and videos in MPEG-1) and afterward with a lot of other devices ( Palms, Cell phones, other digital cameras, etc ).

    As far as camcorders are concerned, I've used only two: a Panasonic pv-10bd (VHS-C) and my actual Sony DCR-TRV740 (Hi8).

    I never had time to play around with all this gold mine of family souvenirs (other than using Windows Photo Gallery on my XP Pro Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13GHz with 3go of ram) but now I do. Also, the kids are about to get married and I am thinking I could put together a video timeline of their youth and that could become a priceless gift to them on that special occasion.

    I am particularly computer savvy but a neophyte as far as video is concerned. I've spent the past couple of weeks playing around with WMM and MovieFactory (that came with the Hauppauge WinTV-HCR1600 card I bought to transfer my PV-10bc tapes to my pc).

    My first plan was to transfer my tapes to my pc and then burn those to DVD. That is what I did with a non readable DVD as the output, that is on any device! That was my chance! Indeed, it got me to dig the WWW (I love to get knowledgeable and I realize this field of video editing is incredibly complex hence fascinating). I discovered many very well done video editing sites including this one.

    Now the questions. Some are philosophical and some practical.

    1 - do I really need to burn DVD's or other disks as my kids' generation are all using IPod type devices and computers? In 10 or 30 years, with those media types be extinct ( cd's DVD's, Blueray's, etc )hence a waste of time and money producing on those media?

    2- Timelines: I would love to be able to match in a timeline all my input (slides, prints which I could scan or digitalize my negatives, digital pictures, analog movies (converted to digital ) but based on different individuals and themes ( i.e. myself, my wife, my couple, each of my kids, my kid's sports, Toastmaster ( a speaking club which I am member of) etc. Having so many data input types, not really in chronological order at this point in time, makes it very desirable for me to look for an Editing platform that will allow me to unite them all with my themes. Does that exist? If so, I wish to be able to transfer them in specific parts (e.g. a swim meet of my daughter transferred to her IPod )or as a whole ( e.g. a wedding gift of her whole life in pictures/video done in a creative way).

    3- If not stored on DVD type media but hard drives, what hard drive type and size and manufacturer should I look for. On the same topic, how do I back it all up in case of disaster (fire, defect of drive or other possible issues). If I put in all the time I think this project is about to require, I certainly do not want it to go away because of such a disaster.

    Well, that is about it for now. It would be great if many of you experts in the video field would kindly share your thoughts and knowledge on my questions.

    Thanks in advance


    ps When posting on this and other sites, we are often offered to "post a poll". I never used that option but I am curious about it's purpuse. Can anyone give me insight?

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    Wow, you must have amassed quite a collection. Do you still have the original video that the mpeg-1 were made from? You should recapture the material in DV for quality and editing.

    1. do I really need to burn DVD's... Well, that's a personal choice but I suggest, yes. Though they do not last forever, DVD's if kept properly, will last a lot longer than your analog or digital tape and can be backed up without any loss every (I suggest every five years.) Get the tapes transferred as soon as possible. In 30 years you might not have access to a machine that will even read a VHS/VHS-C tape. Even if you do, odds are that the signal will be degraded to an unacceptable point if readable at all.

    2- Timelines:.. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are looking for. Once you have all your resources digitized you can store them however you choose. Editing applications allow you to organize your resources in many different ways (bins, folders, etc.) No matter what the solution you settle on, you will have to organize your material first. You can name a bin "swim meets" another "Toastmaster", and so on. With most good editing platforms, once you create a project you can output it in any form necessary (DVD, Flash, MP4, etc.)

    3- If not stored on DVD type media but hard drives.. Yes, even if you do make DVD's or any other type output, I strongly suggest you also back up on a good hard drive. I recently moved up to LaCie drives from Seagate Freeagents. Save your video back-ups as DV in case you need to edit again. I save clients material for six months, family for life.

    There are many good editing solutions available. I am partial to the Matrox/Adobe combination. Adobe elements is a good entry level editing application and might be a good way to start. If you like it, you can move up to Premiere Pro.

    What you are planning on doing is fantastic! Stick with it and your children who are getting married will be thrilled and your memories safe.


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    Hi MetaBol,

    Thanks for your feeback. You asked me a few questions. I'll try to answer them and I'll ask a few myselft.

    HTML Code:
    Do you still have the original video that the mpeg-1 were made from? You should recapture the material in DV for quality and editing
    By "original", do you mean the media I captured them onto i.e. 3.5 inch floppy or the mpeg1 themselves? I do not have the floppies but I do have the Mpeg1. In any case, how do you convert them to DV?

    HTML Code:
    Timelines:.. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are looking for
    Having only a few weeks exposure of the features of WMM and MovieFactory SE 5, I'm not too sure of the possibility they offer ( I'm not limiting myself to those two but at the moments that's the ones I know of). I have a little experience with Windows Photo Gallery. In that software, pictures can be organised by date, metadata, etc. What made me ask that question is I do not know how dates are taken care of in video from my Panasonic PV10 and DCR-TRV740. If I edit these videos by people and themes ( i.e. sports, my kids, etc ) will those have dates detected automatically such that if I put metadata ( I do not know if that is possible with video "clips" as it is with pictures in Windows Photo Galleries), say I search for "swim meets" ( again only if I can use metadata), will all the "swim meets" be organised by dates automatically or will I have to do it all manually ( I certainly hope not as that looks like quite a task if so).

    In MovieFactory SE 5, there is also an option called "slide show disk". What I gather from it is that I could put video and pictures together in a timeline? i.e. could that be used for the wedding present I was alluding to? Hope those precisions help ;-)


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