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    I saw a post where someone asked for a manual. I decided to see what might come up in a Google Search for my video camera brand/model.

    2nd result for "AG-DVC20P" was:

    I thought I'd post the as a possible resource for MC forum users to locate such documentation for their digital cameras, video cameras, and other household devices.

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    Hi Gary

    Unfortunately these crooks CHARGE for manuals and it costs you $9.95 to get a manual which they downloaded free from the manufacter's site.

    All the "big boys" will give you a free download of your manual in PDF format.

    BTW: Nice to see a DVC20 owner!!!! I have the PAL versions called MD10000 and they do a great job at weddings


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    I did end up on the Panasonic site from

    FYI - Click the blue "Get This Manual" on this page:

    And it took me right to the agdvc20p PDF on the panasonic site:

    Either their ( business model changed (by choice or by mandate) ... or maybe you're thinking of another manuals site.

    But just now I clearly got to the PDF online without registering for the site ... or paying anything.

    Clearly though, as you indicate, it seems anyone with a brand name camera from the "big boys" should be able to go to their camera manufacturer's website, search and download the manual.


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