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    A Folder System for my output video


    I read with interest the proposed folder system in the "graphics" tutorial link of Media College.

    Most of the tutorial addresses the issue of pictures or video coming in. How do you suggest filing what is coming out of editing?

    For example, I shot with my Sony DCR-trv740 a sport video on 20081220 ( Canadian Junior speed skating championship). I'm about to create a production for a friend who's son was in that meet.

    The input folder I created is like this :


    Now, if I am to create a video for that person out of the whole shoot, and I do it today, what folder system do you recommend I use ( date it 20090413 or keep 20081220 )? Also, I could have the output DVD ready or computer ready ( I'm a beginner ...I do not know yet if that makes sense to differentiate that much i.e. by extension .avi, .xyz, etc)

    One way I'm thinking of going is :

    mydocuments/myvideos/creations/2009/04/20090413_wmm_computerfile_name-of-son_championat-jr_chicoutimi ( for the computer ready file )

    mydocuments/myvideos/creations/2009/04/20090413_wmm_computerfile_name-of-son_championat-jr_chicoutimi ( for the dvd ready file )

    Does that make sense, what do you suggest?



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    Personally I would recommend the catalog/organizer available with Premiere Elements. It has some great features to help you keep track of everything, from photos and graphics to Video and music.
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    Thanks Chuck,

    Indeed, their classification system is what I'm looking for. I'm downloading the trial of Elements. Looks intimidating but might as well try and get the feels of it. I'll decide later on.

    Thank you so much for your input.


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    Lots of help for Premiere Elements at muvipix if you run into trouble.
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    Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for the feedback. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I was about to download Elements. While browsing the trial download page, Adobe has that "proposed chat pre-sales sessions" feature that pops-up when spend a minimum amount of time on that page. I decided to opt in that feature and joined a chat as I was puzzled between the choice they offer i.e. Premiere Elements by itself or the bundle Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements.

    I'll post the chat transcript below, but the end of the story is that I felt pushed away from Adobe after going thru that chat process as the person handling the chat was way too prompt in requesting answers ( you should have seen the pace of that session, it was surreal) and I came out of it not more informed. In fact, after you chat, Adobe hired an outside company to survey how I enjoyed the chat session I just had. While answering their survey, I made my mind not to go for Elements even though I had your recommendation and I liked the hierarchy of their filing system so much. Isn't life weird sometimes! They almost had a sale done and by going the extra mile they made me doubt I could be well served because of that poor "pre scripted" way of interacting with customer. What probably happened in my mind, and that is a benefit of aging, I made an bridge with past "canned" service experiences which I despise so much.

    So I once again spent hours searching for an alternative that would fill my needs. I ended up downloading Vegas Platinum 9 as a trial. Waow, that thing is not intuitive. However, after a couple days full time at it, I did produce my first menu based DVD from an old analog family tape. I'm very proud of it. We had a viewing last night and it was great to hear the comments from the kids that both loved my production and the souvenirs that came with it: that is exactly the reaction I was looking for. Feels great, I'm in heaven :-)

    As far as Vegas is concerned, I have an issue uploading files from my analog Panasonic thru my Sony. I see an image in Vegas (actually it's their "Video Capture 6.0" that does the bridge ) for about 1 second and then a black screen(for my above mentioned production, I used the first upload I did with WMM). I gave Sony help line a call but unfortunately the staff was convened for a general meeting as I was about to talk to a tech. I called back yesterday but could not get thru. I'll try once more today.

    However, because you appear so fond of Premiere, I might give a try to Premiere Elements. I have a question for you as well as any people dealing with Adobe for a long time, how is their service after all? I never dealt with them other that the usual free Flash and Reader products.

    Here is the chat transcript:

    "Please hold as we route your chat to an Adobe Representative.
    Welcome to! My name is Raymond. May I assist you with your selection today?
    Raymond: Hello, how can I help you?
    Raymond: I haven't heard from you in a while. Would you like to continue chatting?
    bob: I want to edit home movies. A friend of mine suggested elements.
    Raymond: Hello Bob.
    bob: I also want a way to manage my pictures and the output of my movie editing
    bob: i'm on a budget
    bob: it's strickly for personal use.
    Raymond: I'll be glad to help you on that.
    bob: I want my kids to see all the pictures and movies I have of them
    bob: I also have slides that I want to digitalize and paper pictures I want to scan ( I still have the negatives).
    Raymond: Are you referring to edit home movies?
    bob: I want to "burn dvd's" and put clips on ipods
    bob: yes
    bob: I have some home movies coming from an analog camcorder ( Panasonic PV-10) and a digital hi8 Sony DCR-TRV740).
    Raymond: I suggest you to purchase Premiere Elements 7.
    Raymond: Premiere Elements 7 helps enhancing your movies with dazzling visual effects and transitions, rich audio, and interactive disc menus. You can Use background music and sound effects to underscore emotions, add emphasis, or create a mood.
    Raymond: Do you have a previous version of Premiere Elements?
    bob: please take all the time to do a checklist so that the product(s) you suggest covers all that I mentionned I want to do in this chat session is going to be covered in your recommendation.
    bob: no
    Raymond: The full version of Premiere Elements 7 is priced at US $99.99.
    Raymond: Would you like to purchase the software?
    bob: You are positive your made certain all my above described needs are all ( underscored) covered with your recommendation?
    bob: That is the only reason I entered this chat session. Otherwise, as I said, a friend recommended I have a look at the product you refered to me and I already was able to detect the pricing without getting involved in this chat.
    Raymond: Okay.
    Raymond: Shall I forward the link to purchase the software?
    bob: no thanks, I do have it already. Before I go, why is it, when I was about to hit download, your site suggested I consider Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 & Adobe Premiere Elements 7?
    Raymond: Photoshop Elements 7 is used to edit photos and Premiere Elements is used to edit videos.
    bob: In refering to my above mentionned needs ( i.e. slides and pictures ) should I go for Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 & Adobe Premiere Elements 7?
    Raymond: Premiere Elements can do slides and pictures.
    bob: What would Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 do extra for the 50$ price increase?
    Raymond: Photoshop Elements 7 is an amazing software for beginners and amateurs used to edit, share, create and organize photos. It can be used to adjust color, brightness, contrast, apply special effects like blur, work with layers, apply different filters, change backgrounds with quick selection tools etc.
    bob: So Premiere Elements 7 would not do any of that?
    Raymond: Premiere Elements 7 helps enhancing your movies with dazzling visual effects and transitions, rich audio, and interactive disc menus. You can Use background music and sound effects to underscore emotions, add emphasis, or create a mood.
    Raymond: I am sorry, did I lose you?
    bob: You already pointed that out at the begining of this chat session ( word for word). Another way to put it, is there a link you could supply me which would point the exact(underscored) differences between these two products?
    bob: Please do not rush your chst customers. Unlike you, we do not have pre written scripts
    bob: It takes a bit of time to put in words our thoughts.
    Raymond: I am sorry, there is no comparison chart between Photoshop Elements 7 and Premiere Elements 7.
    bob: We do not do this all day, every day of the year
    Raymond: I'll provide you the link for Photoshop Elements 7 and Premiere Elements 7.
    bob: I have to more questions. May I ask them before ending this session?
    Raymond: Sure.
    Raymond: Please click here to view Photoshop Elements 7
    bob: I was trying to view a tutorial for Elements 7 but the video was so choppy, I could not use it. Is that normal?
    Raymond: Could you provide the link of the tutorial?
    Raymond: Please click here to view Premiere Elements 7
    bob: I'm looking for it as we speak. Meanwhile ( while I find that link), my second question pertains to support after purchase. Is there chat support for the use of Elements 7?
    Raymond: Are you referring to a separate chat for Elements 7?
    Raymond: *chat support
    bob: yes chat support for the use of the product over time
    Raymond: I am sorry, there is no separate chat for Elements 7. However, you can please contact us on this live chat.
    bob: ok. Here is the video training that is choppy ( they are all choppy)
    Raymond: Thank you.
    Raymond: I am sorry, we are from Online Sales Team, we don't have the exact information regarding this.
    bob: What is the link for the people that would have information on this? If I do not have access to these tuturials ( which do look great) and since there is no chat support ( other that sales chats like the one we are having now ), I have a problem with dealing with your company as I might be buying a product which I won't be able to use as I have no access to these turorials ( again, they are so choppy that they are of no use)?"


    ps, like mentionned before, I'm trilled for my first successfull production like the song says : "What a feeling..."!


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