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    first project


    I created my first clip. To start off, I used WMM. This is just to get a hang of video editing.

    The footage comes from a Sony TRV-740 and I took the scenes I wanted, put a title and transitions between the scenes ( sport meet ) and outputed an DV-AVI (NTSC) file.

    My questions now:

    1- Where can I find an DVD encoder ( my WMM is version 2.1 that only burns cd's

    2-a If I ever want to change the way that clip is set up ( change transitions, ad/delete scenes, etc ), can I do it opening up that DV-AVI file or do I have to recreate the whole project from scratch?

    2-b If I can modify from that DV-AVI, can I do it using other software like MovieFactory, Vegas, Premiere, etc?

    2-c My choices of output format were the following ( please look at the attachment to this post): Is it a good choice of output format and if not what should I have used?

    3- When I view my clip on my XP system using Windows Media, I cannot use the fast forward ( it is grayed out, i.e. not selectable ). Why is that?


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    Here is a better attachment, the one I submitted is too fuzzy.


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    1. DVD Encoders come with DVD Authoring software. There is a free DVD Encoder called ImageBurn, but if you get Vegas or Premiere you will get authoring capabilities and an encoder.

    2a. Save the project file and the original clips, that's all you need to make changes.

    2b. You need an editing application that has a project file. Opening the project will allow you to make as many changes for as long as you keep the project around.

    2c. Output for what purpose? DV-AVI is great for editing in Premiere or Vegas, even Windows Movie Maker. But it is not a good output file for viewing on the internet or sending in an email.

    3. The WMV file needs to be Indexed for the FFW to work, your file must not be indexed.
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    Video capture and Movie Maker

    What am I doing wrong? My Sony DV cam is plugged into Windows XP with firewire. It is recognized. Audio is great. Video sucks. Pixelated, blurry, colorless, and jumping (one frame every 5 seconds).

    My computer is loaded and fast.

    Note: In Media Player I do not have access to the DV-AVI check box.




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