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    Photoshop & Adobe Unit Types

    Hey Everyone! I recently upgraded my mac to 10.4 os x. However it gave me not a pleasant surprise afterwords. A new problem was discovered.
    Not capable of opening a photoshop under the new environment. I went on google and found a solution to this problem. It is asking to copy adobe unit types into "scripting additions" folders. I kind of fill stupid since I don't know where to look for those scripting additions. Please help me to resolve this problem. All I got is the disk with photoshop software, utility and image ready. Thanks.

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    Hi Stras...

    I think the reason comes from the way you upgraded your OS.
    You did an Archive and Install for Tiger.

    From a quick check this seems to be the advocated solution made humanly legible.

    Try the following:

    "So go to the Library in the Previous System, open Scripting
    additions, find the file called "Adobe Unit Types" and copy it to /
    Library/Scripting Additions/ in your new System."

    Personally I usually do clean installs (back up and totally wipe my HDD, and
    thereafter reinstall everything. Time consuming yes. It's a preference.

    Trust it'll help.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Adobe types

    Thanks Nagar! But unfortunately i don't have a previous library info. I believe when system was upgraded it performed override as well. My scripting additions totally empty. Every time I try to do fresh install of my photoshop it pops an error message.

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    Shahin Samaei

    That was a good respond, thanks


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