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    Hey! Folks....

    Can anyone of you suggest me a headphone for monitoring.

    Budget is 100 USD

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    Hi zimik,

    I've always been a fan of Koss (many years ago) and Sony MDR series with pivoting cups. At your budget range, almost any name brand will suffice in audio quality, then it's a matter of comfort for the user.
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    I'm happy with my Sennheiser HD 280 pro and they were in that price range. I usually mix with my monitors but when I'm out somewhere, I bring the Sennheiser's and it's awesome to get mixes at least to a certain point.

    I suggest you go to music store and test a few out. Usually the'll have a set up with a good selection already hooked up to a CD player so you can easily switch between them. Play the same songs on them and pick out the headphones you liked best that had a nice range. Try not knowing the prices before hand while you're trying some out cause it'll probably mess up your judgment subconsciously.

    Also, I guess with any headphones you'll have to spend the time to understand how they react. Compare mixes of bands you like to what you do and always keep mental notes if your mixes always have too much bass, not enough guitars on most speakers but sound fine in the headphones. You'll end up adjusting accordingly automatically after a while.

    Best of luck.

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    i'd have to second MusicGuy101's suggestion...

    ive been very happy using HD280's for a bunch of stuff..

    you could also try audio-technica or AKG.. depends on your use..

    good luck!

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    Thanks Guys!!!

    Bought Sony MDR-XD200 (don't know how much that cost cos someone bought for me)

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    well if you are happy with them then no need to spend $100 on a pair...

    FYI... they retail for $30USD

    they are definitely under your budget but no reason not to be thankful!!!


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