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    Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0

    Hi all,

    Yesterday I produced my first clip out of an old analog tape taken with a Panasonic PV10.

    Being captured with older technology, the output lacks both sound and picture quality which is to be expected.

    In the above titled Vegas version, is there a way to enhance only part of the voice track or is it the whole track that is affected when we adjust the volume of that track. The reason I am asking is that that production is from a tape that coverd one and a half year of family scenes and created twenty-four chapters. Each chapter has different voice volume caracteristics. Some are too loud or too soft. I have not found a way to adjust each chapter individually ( I'm completely new to Vegas and video editing as well).

    Not having used "Micro Rode VideoMic" at the time ( I'm still not using one but very interested in the concept...would that mic fit on my actual camcorder a Sony DCR-TRV740 and if not what could I purchase?), there is a lot of zooming noises in those old video tape recording. Is there a way in Vegas to filter that?

    As far as video, it is sometimes overexposed, sometimes blurry, etc. What tools in Vegas, if any, exist to correct those issues?

    Thanks for your input. Like you probably can feel, I'm very "videothused" at the moment so all help is truly appreciated and would be put to practice very quickly.

    Have a great day,


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    Hi I use Vegas 7 which of course has volume envelopes so you can up or down the level at any point!! Sadly Movie Studio doesn't have these!!

    Even Vegas 7 only allows you to adjust the entire track volume even if the audio is split up into many events.

    I have an idea that Movie Studio does have 2 audio tracks or more (like one for voiceover and one for SFX plus the normal one. If so split your track and drop it onto a second audio channel and then adjust that for level

    You also might be able to ungroup the audio and video and then render the audio out as a WAV file...enhance it in an audio editor (I use GoldWave) and then delete the original audio insert the new audio. Vegas is pretty accurate in lining up audio and video so that would also be easy
    provided that Movie Studio allows ungrouping???

    If you like Movie Studio then you will LOVE the bigger has everything and I now use it in preference in anything else!!


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    Thanks Chris,

    When you mention "the bigger program" do you refer to "Vegas Pro"? If so, that is a heafty price increase from the Platinum version. I'm not certain I would want to spend that much as my needs are strictly personnal, i.e. I will most likely never do any business in video production.


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    Premiere Elements will do this
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    I agree with Mr. Engels about Adobe Premiere Elements. The ability to split clips and adj audio levels, plus add effects is quite useful and easy to accomplish. The price was right in line with the competitors and best of all, I've never had any sort of failure while editing the last 2 years.

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    Hi Guys

    Elements will do this of course, but isn't it a wee more pricey than Vegas Movie Studio.
    I don't have Vegas Pro (which is version 8) only Vegas 7 but it still handles HD!! (I didn't go to 8 cos they changed the interface)

    If Elements is less than $100 then go for that!!!


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    You can get the current version, 7, for under $80. You can get the Photoshop Elements/Premiere Elements bundle for around $100
    2 x Dual Core Xeon 3.0, Premiere Elements 1 - 7, Premiere Pro CS3, After Effects CS3, Soundbooth, Heroglyph, Vitascene, EncoreDVD


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