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    what should I do with my camcorder video tapes after have transfered to my computer?


    I currently use a Sony DCR TRV-740 which uses/creates Hi8 digital video. Once transfered, do you recommend I keep these tapes as backups or could I reuse them to save money? For the past 20 years or so, I have always kept all my tapes and never taped over but as I'm in the process of bringing it all to my hard drive and creating DVD's as backup, is that being too cautious to keep them as extra backups?

    Also, if I decide to reuse them to capture new video footage, what is the process I should follow, i.e. how do you "reformat" the tape to prepare it for new capture?

    Any other suggestions on this matter are all welcome,


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    Personally I think tapes are cheap and they make a good backup.
    The only problem you will have is that someday there won't be anything to play Hi8 tapes on.

    I see now that it is Digital 8, that's better but I would still keep the tapes as they are not very expensive.

    If you do decide to reuse them you can simply record over the old, or you can Stripe the tape by recording with the lens cover on (not really necessary).
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    I have a different approach in that I keep my tapes as backup and NEVER use them a second time. The more you use them the more you wear the tape which produces oxides which clog your video heads!!

    I have never had clogged camera heads simply because I never used a tape more than once!! Gosh they are cheap enough to use once anyway!!



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