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    anyone know free video stock footage sites?

    Can anyone help with links that offer free stockfootage especially for wedding videography-stuff like backdrops.
    get your act right.

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    Yes, Yes please tell me too!!!! As far as I know there is no such thing as a free lunch (and stock backdrops too!!!!)

    You can MAKE your own if you have the time to play with 3D programs, otherwise Ulead 3D Production Studio works nicely!!! It's also fairly easy to make a motion back with a romantic theme... I usually take stills of flowers and just use pan crop in Sony Vegas to give them motion then add a 2nd track and do the same thing again but give the track 50% transparency.
    Actually for most of my weddings I use a still image montage or similar as free photos are a lot easier to find than video!!


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    well thank you a lot Chris!
    get your act right.

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    Hi Steve
    I also have a compilation of wedding and event backgrounds on my website and it includes music and much more on DVD if you cannot find or make anything yourself. "Wedding Starter Kit"


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    Footage Firm has a bunch of free clips (click "Free Clips"); the same company also just recently started
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    this site has good stock footage.

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    We have a fairly nice selection of free backgrounds at Muvipix.
    Just check the Products/Complimentary section
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