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    Video Projection in Well Lit Room????


    I have purchased an inexpensive projector and screen as I had in mind to hook my portable dvd player up to same to display my videos during vending events. OOOPs didn't think about the room needs to be dark in order for the screen to show the video. AM I CORRECT, OR IS THERE A MAGICAL WAY TO DISPLAY SAME IN A WELL LIT ROOM???? DUH!

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    Hi Lady C

    It's the same as in the movies. Your projected image is not going to have the same luminosity as a TV screen. I dunno what screen you have but in the old 8mm days you could buy screens that had "retro-reflective" beads embedded the the screen to reflect light back to the viewer when made the screen appear brighter. (3M Company made the coating actually)

    Otherwise keep the projected image as small as practical..the further away the projector is from the screen the worse the image and besides, people often get freaked out standing next to a projected image 6' x 10'!!!

    A little projector and screen IS easier to haul around than a 50" TV!!!


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    Might even make sense to use a laptop and a decent size monitor, maybe 24". Kind of depends on what you are looking for and what you need.

    Projectors come with a spec called Lumens. This is basically the power of the projected image, the more lumens the better quality in lighted areas.
    500 lumens would need a completely dark room, I have a 3000 lumen projector and it is still pretty good in a fully lighted room from about 10 - 15 feet. This projects a 6' x 5' area, the quality in a fully lit room is not near as good as in a dark room but still not too bad.

    Dell has some very nice projectors and usually has a sale going on.
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    if it's dark behind the screen. you could try reverse projection. you need a thin cloth for it, it may not work very well with a screen. and you just project for behind and flip the image

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    thank you for the replies! really appreciate same. could you elaborate on the reverse projection, it sounds interesting

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    Hi Lady C

    Nice to see you back again.

    You could initially try this at home first. Hang up a thin white piece of fabric and place the projector behind it and then look at the image on the fabric from the other side. You usually need a proper screen to do this but even a thin bed sheet will work.
    Without a pro screen, the image won't be that good but if you think it's fine then use it!! Because you are viewing from behind the screen everything will be "back to front" but the projector will have a flip image facility to allow it to correct itself. Personally I would just use it as it is especially if you can get a nice screen (old movie screens are portable and give a nice image too..find them on eBay)


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    Hi Chris, it's nice to speak with you also. I will try this and let you know how it works for me. I actually have two screens, one is an older model in which the screen is portable and silver. The other is a larger one which hangs on wall with the automatic button for it to come down. I was blessed to find the portable one for $10.00 at a garage sale. By the way thanks for your assistance with the green screen before. I had good success in producing my first green screen video and it is being aired on BET and the Word Network, both of which are nationally aired. Here is the link for your review. (copy & paste to review). Look forward to your comments. Also may I ask what type of animal that is you're holding in your picture?

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    Hi LadyC

    My, you certainly have a lovely voice!!! The green screen worked very well too!! If I may point out one thing?? Try to keep the talent's eyeline in the upper third portion of the screen at all times. Check any movie or newcast and you will see that eyelines are always in the upper third (ideally on the upper third line 1/3rd from the top of the screen)

    On the projector subject, unless you are willing to spend a bundle on a proper back-projection screen then you will be better off using what you have. The only "amateur" option that might work is a semi-opaque shower curtain!!

    Lastly I'm holding a Koala Bear. Here is a bigger pic so you can see how cute he is!!!

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    Awwwee! How cute is your polar bear!

    Thanks again Chris for your helpful suggestions. I will make notes of all of same.


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