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    editing and backup DVD

    Q: Hi there
    I recently took some video at my friend's birthday party and I need to (adjust the brightness and contrast). I'm having trouble finding good software that will do that, preferable freeware but I'll pay if needed. I've converted them to .mpeg files already.
    Also, I've many old DVD, most of them I havenít watched, and they take up of much space , but I donít want to throw out them. How do I collect them as small files, maybe TOP DVD Ripper, converter software is useful. I have no good idea.
    Thanks for any and all advice. Much appreciated and my retired friend thanks you too!!! Cheers! :-)

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    Simply use the editor of your choice but you can start with Windows Movie maker. Editing MPEG files is really a bad idea!!!
    You need to rather apply any adjustments to the original DV-AVI file then render to MPEG2.
    Don't use any of the "weird and wonderful" convertors that are the product of most spammers!!! They have to flood forums with their products because they just can't sell them in the normal market!!!


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    All very good points, especially since the one you replied to appears to be a part of that spamming crowd
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