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    left channel cutting out on mixer

    I'm running the main out buss of my mixer through the matrics out on my mixer. I'm running this in stereo so I'll have the main left one one and the main right on 2. Now my problem is, when I record, the left channel cuts out and in, and when it cuts out, it sounds very scrachy. I changed out the cables, swiched out the addapters, I even switched the outputs, but still getting the same results. What can I do to fix this?
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    sounds like a potentiometer issue possibly. does that matrix out remain hooked up all the time for the same use with little or no adjustments being done to it? it is possible that your volume control is oxidized and may need to be cleaned. also it is possible that you may have a dirty tac switch on that output if there happens to be one as a mute or assignment switch as that may also cause such an issue. But first and foremost always check cabling before you even consider it to something other than that. also what are you recording to? is there a way to check that device out of this context to see if that may be the culprit
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    If you switch the left and right output cables (left out goes to right in on record, right out goes to right in on record), does the problem follow the pot (move to the right channel) or the record channel (stay on the left channel) ?
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