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    Audio Engineering in India ..

    Every one loves to hear music no matter whether it is live or recorded. During the 19th century, several attempts for recording sounds were made in Europe and USA. To become a successful audio engineer, one should be well trained in any degree or diploma. Courses in audio graphy, sound recording sound engineering and audio engineering. No specific educational qualification is required for a training Holding a diploma or degree in audio engineering is the first step for pursuing a career in this field. After successful completion of a course, one could find job opportunities in the field of movies
    Now coming into the Education Part ,
    Does India have such Institutes which maintain International standard in providing audio Engineering course?
    Do they have necessary resource?

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    I would have to say given that the type of education that you seek is only now becoming more prevalent in some of the colleges in the US and that degree programs in this field are still relatively scarce relatively speaking verses so many other fields, that you may find very little access to this type of education in india. Then again I do not live there so I may be wrong but that would be my assumption based on the non standardized way in which the industry works. But unlike other fields I find it is less necessary to earn a degree to be able to have access to the jobs available than it is to have experience at the job itself. You may find it more useful to be more of an apprentice in the field you seek to enter than to take courses. or possibly both. If you want to learn, any thing that gives you exposure to the technology on the hands on level would be the most useful way to learn.

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    Whistling Woods International

    Well India has some really good colleges Offering Audio Engineering Course today ... Colleges like IIFT, IFTI, FTI, STRFI.. Whistling Woods International .. Are one of the best colleges in India offering Sound Engineering Courses .. Most of the colleges have Faculty from The Industry Itself . Take an Example for Whistling Woods International ,, it has all the leading actors working as faculty , in fact Nasuruddin shah is the head of the acting Departhment so you can imagine the level of exposure ...

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    For me I won't go for those degrees cos that will all suck my pocket and my blood to pay for the course....

    So, for me it better to work as a sweeper in a Studio and learned it... for 6 - 12 months and search out for other work .....

    I use to be just a loader guy for some 6 months who use to load and unload the equipment but now i'm getting 15k per month (FOH job) and extra during the season of marriage (Aug to Feb)

    But its up to you if you can afford the Fees then its ok go on... ALL THE BEST


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