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    Uploading HD Videos

    I really do not know why Youtube has a 1GB and 10 minute limit on videos. I have a 25 minute video that is 1.2 GB in size, and now im stuck cuz I cant upload it to youtube HD, and I do not want to split the movie into 2 or more segments.

    Does anyone know any free websites other than youtube on which i can upload my HD video (the whole 25 minutes as one video, not split up)?


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    I don't know any free websites, but Vimeo is rather good for HD video, however, I think they also have a limit on files size but you can upgrade your account to vimeo plus for $59.95 for a year which would enable you to upload your video.


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    Hi Guys

    Video sites have bandwidth costs and really huge videos take a lot of space and bandwidth which costs money for the hoster!!

    I thought that the idea of the YouTube sort of site was short videos. I'm not too sure I could sit thru a 25minute clip and also spare a thought for users on wireless connections who often only get between 2GB and 5GB allowance a month!! Just watching ONE 1GB video would use up 50% of their allowance.

    On my wedding server I always restrict the couples online video to around 8 or 9 minutes and in SD FLV format that is only around 30mb!! Even 9 minutes of video can be tiresome to watch sometimes and although vimeo's HD hosting is good I got rather tired waiting for the buffer to load the huge files so I usually opt for the SD version anyway.

    Very few people (apart from video ultra-enthusiasts) are worried about the quality anyway!!! The content is FAR more important and we have become a little obsessed about technical issues rather than providing really good content.


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    Yeap, for the receiving video websites and surfer viewer both, regular formats like FLV or SWF is good enough.

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    Vimeo is great. But really, Ma7amee7o, 1.2G is HUMONGOUS for a video file.. if I am not mistaken, the limit for Vimeo upload (free acc) is 800mb per wk.
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