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    A Rendering Riddle

    When I try to render a finished project in PPCS3, I go to export/adobe media encoder,choose my settings,pick a destination folder and start the process.It gets to around 50 or 60 %done, thenI get a message that saysidn't return dropped frame task stopped What is causing this, and how do I fix it?

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    Are you running a 64bit windows Operatin system?
    If so, theres your problem.

    You could try...(copied & pasted from another site)...
    "The error should tell you what frame it stopped encoding and you can figure out how far into the program the error occurred. I will find that spot and, starting a minute or so before and going a minute or so after, set the work area to render out a new .AVI of just that section. Then take that new AVI and drop it in over that area and re-encode and it should work just fine. Once I had to do that three or four times before I could get a complete render but it was faster than trying to figure it out technically as to why it gave that error in the first place. "
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