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    Google keyword help

    Can anyone help please?

    I currently have a client who wants me to create multiple html pages for each city listing that he services and link it to his current website. This needs to be done just for the sole purpose of submitting to a search engine. Therefore, if somebody were to search for service in that area, his business will be the first to pop up in Google.

    Given, that his current website shows up on the first page of Google when searching for TORONTO COMPUTER REPAIR. I thought by duplicating that page and swapping all the words containing TORONTO with another city like VAUGHAN and saving it for example as vaughan-computer-repair.htm I may be able to see it on Google when I search for VAUGHAN COMPUTER REPAIR. However, it does not seem to be found anywhere on the first 20 pages that I have searched on Google.

    Any suggestions?



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    You are correct in the sense that the site would be more likely to show up on the search pharse vaughan computer repair when you have the page named vaughan-computer-repair.html, or when the phrase is an exact match to a part of the URL. This is something i consider a bad practice by search engines, since its an outdated method to determine the relevancy of pages.

    It would still work when searching for documents, but when searching for web pages its something different, since those are often served dynamically. As i see it, its only a matter of time before the benefits of keywords in the URLs are removed, but hay, lets have fun while it last.

    You should however also make sure that the phrase is contained in the content, preferably in the h1 heading on the site. Currently you have included far to much in the h1, i presume this is in an attempt to increase your ranking.
    PC Mechanix provides a wide range of IT support services to business and residential customers situated in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding locations. Our experienced and certified technicians will provide you and your organization professional service 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. PC Mechanix repairs all makes and brands of PCs and MACs
    I'd say, include above in a paragraph instead, and limit the use of the h1 to that of which it was intended. As a first heading on the page, I.e. The title of the article/page, followed by h2s for subsections, and h3s for subsections of h2. And so on.

    However, simply copying the page, and renaming it could potentially put the site at danger to the duplicate content penalty. Basically you risk that search engines just removes the duplicated content from the search results, you don't lose your ranking or anything like that.

    There are many sites doing something similar to what you suggest, and they haven't lost their PageRank. But their efforts to manipulate the search results is often effect less. Just which pages that gets ruled out is pretty hard to predict, i haven't found it interesting enough to test it. But i presume that it depends on the search string used.

    The content on your page is also very limited, and what i mean by content, is the textual information, or anything else search engines may look at, including alt tags of images.

    You should aim to include as much valuable and useful information as possible, to make the business stand out from the crowd, and increase the chances that your visitors chose your business. Finally its also a nice way to ensure a higher placement in the search engines.

    Having long pages with useful content doesn't ensure this in itself, but it increases the chance that people will link to your business. Links from one site, works as a vote from that site, to the site its linking to. People rarely use the title of those links to your advantage, so often it takes many such links to make your page appear in the search results, for any paticuler phrase.

    One way to overcome the above, would be to start a blog about what you are doing, on a different domain. And then throw in a few content links in the posts, to relevant articles and pages on your buisness domain.

    It shouldn't be hard to get a few employees to blog about their work, and its one of the best ways to SEO your pages, in high-competition feilds. Of cause you might even get a few visitors from those blogs, but the main thing we care about, is the SEO effect it provides.

    The internal links is something else, which is easier to control, and provide similar effect. The important part is not only to link your pages, but also that you use the right words in the link title, words that people would use to search for your services, or the given article/post.

    You should also think about the message you are sending, currently you seem to focus on branding. I.e.
    Our Mission:
    To provide professional, honest and affordable IT services.

    Our Goal:
    To make sure we meet and exceed our client’s expectations and developing long term relationships.

    Our Promise:
    To make your computer and IT problems a thing of the past.
    That's fine, however it doesn't exactly make your business stand out. Its likely similar to the content everyone else include on their Buisness sites. Further more, by including this as basically the only content on all your pages, you efficiently make it harder to SEO your pages, because your content becomes more similar to compititors. Not to mention that it really shouldn't be required statements to include on your site. It wouldn't matter much if you had more content on the pages.

    Unique content makes a big difference, its not always obvious, or easy to know what to write on your pages. But in the cases where you succeed in doing so, it efficiently boost competition to your advantage. That is unless someone copies your tricks, before you manage to stabilize on the technique.

    Now that your site is about IT Support, repairs and such. I would also recommend that you host a forum, where you can chose to provide limited free support, and as a place where people can help each other out. You could really put a challenge up for your competitors by doing so.

    The only hard part about starting a Forum, is that you need to find a way to get people to use the forum. This can again be overcome by means such as blogging. Another good way to promote your expertise, is by being active on other support forums, and posting relevant links to articles on your buisness domain. Most forums allow their members to post links, and those who don't, are not worth visiting, due to the limited information usually posted on forums.

    You might even make some friends in the process, as well as find some potiential buisness deals.
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