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    Live webcam online

    hello guys
    I'd like to create a page on my website to allow live webcam streaming like but I've no idea on how to start.

    I have my own webserver and high speed internet to support that.

    Checked google for some clue, but found nothing useful.

    Does anyone have any idea?

    btw, sorry if this is not the correct category under the forum.

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    The easiest way is to use a third party provider like mogulus or (never used them) or bitgravity or stickam or ...
    and just embed their player.
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    thanks for your reply

    actually I'd like to create a system like that (, etc) for my company intranet
    I'm reading about flash media server, but it uses another protocol, it's not exactly what i'm looking for
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    Will there be a fixed number of streams that you (or some small technologically inclined group) control(s) or will you need to support 'broadcasting' users like those sites?
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    no, there will not be a fixed number of streams... and I'll need to support them
    since this is an intranet ... I guess the users will be limited to less than 500 users.

    thank you!

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    who will generate the stream content?
    Eric Adler (tonsofpcs) Chat at:
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    each user should upload their video to be streamed


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