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    Hanimex TZ36 Flash Unit

    Hi Guys

    Any oldtimer got a manual for one of these flash units??? (I'm an oldtimer too!!)
    Otherwise has anyone still got or uses one of these units???? I just need a bit of information on whether the power settings are active in "auto" and how you read the auto ranges???


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    I don't have that model... do you have a picture of it, maybe we can figure it out from looks?
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    Hi Eric

    Here is a pic of the rear of the unit. It's not too much of a big deal as I can eventually figure out the stuff by trial and error. Just wanted to know whether this units power settings are disabled in "auto"

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    Possibly... you can easily test it with a digital camera by setting it manual, on a tripod, full manual everything on the camera, shoot a white card with flash head-on, repeat at each level, then try the autos with level set to middle, see if it changes it.
    Eric Adler (tonsofpcs) Chat at:
    Follow me on twitter: @videosupport @eric_adler


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