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Thread: Photos to share

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    Agree with that SC, that's precisely why it's simply pattens! How the whole looks like is simply left to the imagination... and to the impatient, google!
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Thanks for sharing this useful information. It's great.
    this is interesting.. thanks so much for sharing!

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    I am not well good in photograph technical. I like to take lan scape photos.
    stock photography

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    I could share a few hundred photos of Jase on tractors. Someone needs to design for professional.

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    Identification request

    Can anybody or does anybody know someone, else who can identify the flower in Purple Dazzle.jpg?

    Relationships are based on compromises - behavior accepted is behavior repeated.

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    Quote: nagar
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    In every mysterious way, I am thankful for the 'spam' before which made me notice this particular post. I have been oblivious of its presence the last few days when I had the opportunity to 'sneak' in here!!

    Patterns are fun to capture! I never get tired of them

    I enjoyed 'sniffing' the Purple Dazzle and the Brooklyn Bridge (looks a little spidey to me!).

    Just to 'add' one pattern from where I live!

    The thorny exterior of our Esplanade (akin to Sydney Opera House?). This was shot to test my new lens.

    nice work Nagar

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    Great photos!

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