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    audio engineering..

    how far media institutes help in mastering technological knowledge, i have come across some technical terms such as DAW Suite, Dolby Digital Mixing Studio , ADR etc...are there any college in india where they educate about the above mentioned technologies ?

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    DAW simply means Digital Audio Workstation. If you are looking to learn a certain software you can contact the manufacturer. They can recommend an accredited school.

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    I've gone to an audio engineering school where I live and all I learned from it is that I could have taken the money, bought my own equipement to learn on, and buy books / read up as much as I can on the topic off the internet and be just as far ahead, if not further than paying for schooling on it. So much information is available now a days. If you have the self discipline for it, you can learn anything you want on your own.

    If it's something more specific though, I wish you the best of luck in finding what you're looking for but just a thought, perhaps there is someone at a studio near your place even that wouldn't mind giving you private lessons on the matter for some $$$ on the side. I'm mentioning this one cause I'm in a band and a lot of engineering techniques I've learned was through being in studio and around these guys working and most of them are under-paid so probably would take you up on the deal.

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    Dude recent audio engineering is much more complicated than you ever imagined .. you might not even heard about some terms used in audio engineering .. and there are many more things related to DAW, dolby digital and so on and on .. and if you want to learn all things about audio engineering i suggest you not to take any chances .. go for a professional course ...and media institutes always a wise option to choose as it will teach you each and every aspects of audio engineering ... why dont you try your luck in Whistlig Wood's International . it is one of the best place where you can learn abut Audio engineering .. here is the link

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    thank you

    @ ishita ... thank you for motivation .. i have visited through the site .. wanted to know more about this institute ... As you see many colleges and institutions put up loads of information which are generally not true... what would be my career scope after i am done with the course ?


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