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    Asking for feedback for radio station??

    I am from a third world country without much money in hand. The radio stations where I come from arenít interesting and educational. So i wanted to open my own little radio station to help out people who donít have access to any information or music.

    If I wanted to open a small radio station, operated by a computer, can someone please tell me what type of equipment I will need to open this project of mine?

    If and when this project gets going, I plan to have shows for children, teenagers, and even adults who do not have access to information.

    Can someone please tell me how to do this, and obtain the equipment very very inexpensively?

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    I think it is great you are trying to do this, but be prepared to spend some money in getting your project going. This industry is not cheap. There is inexpensive gear, but the saying goes "you get what you pay for."

    Are you trying to run your station on the net or have a tower and transmit? If you go the internet route, you need an isp provider which is a monthly charge. They will also charge you for the amount of bandwidth you use. The more people that listen the more expensive it is for you. If you go with a tower and transmitter there is the cost of an FCC liscence, renting tower time and such. Either way you go it will cost.

    In addition, you will need some studio equipment in order to produce the program itself. Don't forget about copyright fees as well. I am not trying to discourage you, but I think it is important for you to know that it is a much more complicated issue than just buying some equipment and you magically have a radio station. Give it some thought, do some research, and happy DJing.

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    its through tower and transmit

    I will be operating from a studio towertype, not the internet.
    Can you please tell me the name of the equipment I will need please?

    In my country I wont have to worry about copyright, Fcc regulations or anything like that.

    I have already given it all the thought, I appreciate your advice.
    BUt thank goodness I wont have to pay for all those things.
    I will not be operated in the US. There are no FCC or copyright regulations that I will have to worry about.

    All i will have to worry about is buying the equipment, and shipiing it to the country, and put all the pieces of the puzzle together and make every happen.

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    First thing you need to do is contact the local government where your tower will be and get info on how to obtain a liscence to broadcast. They will be able to walk you through the process and provide info on cost. Lots of station don't own their tower, but rent tower space. This means your transmitter has to operate on a certain frequency as to not cause any interference on existing transmitters. You will need to find a tower in the area you want to broadcast and talk to them about that. It will take some time, but they will figure it all out and let you know what frequencies are available. They will also be able to help you get started on equipment. Another thing you might want to do is visit a local station and talk to their manager. He or She will be a valuable source of information and you can tour their station and get an idea of what equipment they are using. I hope this helps some.

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    When you say it'll be expensive, how expensive are you talking?
    Like how many figures?

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    Jimmy Green

    Radion Station owner

    I should qualify that. I bought the equipment to broadcast music for Soldiers while I am in Iraq. I found everything online. Very easy to use and the range is not bad and the sound is excellent.

    I spent $2000 on my gear for a beginner setup (which includes a dedicated computer to play the music. has almost everything you need. has it all. (Less recommended though. I ordered my amp almost 4 months ago. Still waiting.)

    FM35 FM transmitter
    (don't save by trying to build it - buy it assembled if there is an option)

    Techno-Lab 25W amp

    TruMatch CX 100 antenna (on a home made mast).
    I bought a 100W antenna in case I wanted to upgrade the amp later.

    Plus cables. You have to be careful that you match the cabling to your connectors (N-type, F, RG, etc).

    I have a desktop computer and a 500GB hard drive to store music and backup battery power.

    There is still room for improvement. You will need to be able to talk on air (which we don't) and look into music editing/mixing software (which we are still learning). We just use Windows Media Player.

    And depending on your location (elevation, obstructions, frequency, etc) you might need more power than we are using. This is just a basic hobby set to play music.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I hope this helps.


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    With a stereo?

    Is there any possible way to re-assemble a home stereo from recieveing signals to sending out signals? I thought if it is possible, I might want to give it a try. And if it is even remotely possible, any idea how it will work?

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    Re: Asking for feedback for radio station??

    You can do anything in electronics if you know how. Basically it would work backwards. However, a mixer and an RF amplifier would have to be added. The mixer "heterodynes" the audio and radio, and the amplifier boosts the signal to a transmittable level. A microphone (Properly matched) is connected to the mixer stage, between the first (now becoming the last) IF stage and the RF amplifier before the antenna. The same crystal or PLL circuit for the tuner in the reciever can be used for the RF oscillator.

    Here's another option. Get a used 1970's CB radio and change the crystals to the frequency you want to transmit at, then get a manual to tune it with because it's kinda tricky.


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