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    mobile redirect code

    Hi there,

    I was hoping someone might help me edit this mobile redirect code so that it redirects IPhones and Blackberry phones to a separate mobile web page rather than the standard mobile page that I have created. This way I can provide more viewable data to the more advanced mobile browsers.

    Any suggestions?



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    It is not down to Webdesigners to design separate pages intended to these devices. The browser developers of those devices should be working to support current standards, and not the other way around.

    And they are also doing so, it may be going slow. But hay, most people don't even use these devices to browse the web, as of yet. One reason being that its impractical.

    You can use css @media to create a device specific stylesheet, the device in use should automatically download the appropriate stylesheet.

    @media handheld {
      #Basement { position: static; }
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