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    Getting a handle on CS4

    I'm x-posting this to the graphics forum as well.

    I'm just wondering if anyone could recommend some good resources - preferably books - on Adobe's CS4 suite for someone who is already an experienced Adobe user.

    I've been using Photoshop, Flash, etc., for over ten years, but the CS4 suite has included a bunch of new tools, or new ways of doing familiar tasks (such as tweening) that I'm a little bewildered by.

    I'm especially after stuff for Photoshop and Flash.

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    My turn...

    I haven't owned a copy of CS4 but I learnt to use the office's CS3 copy from the User Manual. Sounds kinda obvious but not a lot of people actually chose to sit down and carefully read the user manual. I didn't have a hard copy so i went online and searched for one.. When i had spare time id sit in front of my home computer and read a few pages...

    Im not a fan of reading off a computer so id pop into the office and print out a chapter and take it home.. Wasn't exactly the offices best interests but it did involve me using photoshop so they didn't mind..

    Once you have done that, hop back on the forum and get specific help!!

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    Try Focal.Press books. Good and comprehensive.
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    Getting a handle on CS4

    Like what the others have been saying they are quite rare I was shocked to run into one on Day 3Walkthrough again cougth cougth And I just had the right ammount to get it off herTakes 10 items to get it

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    Getting a handle on CS4

    The Pit Boss Has some That I saw on here if you look through the pages on here Im sure you can find it.

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    Getting a handle on CS4

    The Tamron 28-75 has just been delivered not aloud it untill friday tho

    Should be getting the 10-24 before Vegas


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