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    Hey, i'm 13 and i've just decided that i want to become a photographer.
    My mum's friend told me that there are lots of different types of photography... but i'm not sure which one to pick.
    Please leave a comment to help me choose.

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    I wouldn't let anyone decide on your path...

    I'd recommend trying all aspects of photography and once you get confident in your skills, shoot what YOU like!

    You can shoot:

    Wildlife (with a camera hopefully)
    High Speed
    Portraits, Model
    Paparazzi (although not a good idea to be hanging around outside clubs at 13)

    Hope this helps..


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    hey, thanks.

    that has helped. i'll research on all the different types and see what i like best.

    Also, that about shooting wildlife made me LOL.


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    Hello shaa_leaa - welcome to Media College,

    I think it is a great thing that you have a specific goal in your life. However, you must expect some hard times as well as proud achievements. You will be confused and make many mistakes, but this is what you learn and grow from.

    A photographer can have many similar goals. You want to develop your own artistic flare that satisfies either yourself, your audience or both. But in order to have an audience, you must show your work in print or electronic display - that would most likely be your final goal.

    At this time - shoot anything and everything that catches your eyes. Just shoot things as they are and see if you can make your picture tell a story. It's an old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." You are now documenting as it happens at that time.

    Not only just shoot, but change the settings on your camera and become really familiar with it and see what happens as you change things.

    One last suggestion. Carry a note pad and pen to write any notes to yourself. Try your best to keep track of which shots you took, the ISO, shutter speed, f/stop, time of day, type of lighting and anything else you can think of. This helps train you to thinking like a photographer. Of course many digital cameras have the technical metadata for every shot. With the right software you'll be able to get all that data but what I think is important for you to learn is how to develop your photographic instinct.

    Sorry this is so long, but there is so much for you to experience. By the time you get into college, you'll probably be at the head of the class! Please keep us posted and ask your questions.
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    Additional thoughts: Keep shooting. That's the only way to get better.

    Woo... chosweet.. that's some scary looking stuff you've got there... did you do those 3D texturing or modeling?
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    Hi shaa im 17 and Ive been trying photography lately and Im enjoyin it. As of now I take as much pictures as I could and I also try to experiment with the angles


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