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    Can anyone recommend any good displays for editing?

    Hi guys,

    I am just about to kit out my new studio with some new gear and wandered if anyone could recommend some good displays for editing.

    I really like the Apple cinema displays, but if anyone could recommend anything else thats worth having a look at, I would be grateful.

    Many Thanks


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    Hi Tom

    Ideally you should be using a broadcast quality CRT monitor to view your video as a second display to get true quality and colour. However they cost a fortune.

    I'm currently using a CMV221 22"widescreen LCD display for the NLE and an LG 19" LCD for the previewed video and it obviously works nicely but isn't ideal.

    Practically (especially from a financial point of view) it's OK but I've been told by many that you cannot expect a decent level of quality from a computer monitor and what you really need is a TV monitor.

    Some often just use a smallish LCD TV to monitor which will display the interlaced video correctly but I'm told that a CRT is still the best


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    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for sharing your setup, sounds a bit like what I had in mind.

    I do plan to have a LCD TV monitor, but if I could find a small CRT monitor as well that might come in handy, I will have a look and see what I can find.

    I will send you some pictures when its all setup.


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    Great Tom

    I struggle a little with having to accept the lower quality preview by using a PC monitor but I have no learnt to ignore it and trust in the fact that my camera IS producing good images!!! The preview quality (even at "best" )in Sony Vegas isn't really good and often I need to run the rendered MPEG2 in Windows Media Player to confirm that all is acceptable.

    You mentioned Apple??? Are you running a MAC editing setup???


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    Hi Chris,

    Yea I am a mac fan Im afraid, I was introduced to them when I first went in to film and video production and since then I have always used them. Lots of people have different opinions to what is best, but I suppose its down to what you feel comfortable using.

    I already have a mac editing system, but Im getting some new premises soon and thought I would treat myself to a few new things.

    I guess your using a PC editing system with Sony Vegas? I have heard good things about the program, my friend uses it and says its brilliant for what he does.


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    Hi Tom

    Each to their own. Some hate Vegas and swear by Adobe. It's purely a matter of personal choice as is your operating system. Here, there is only a few "mac" stores and tons of PC stores so the choice is logical!!
    Mac has always been the better choice for graphics especially with professional graphics houses.

    However I won't look down on you because you are a mac user!!!!

    I joined a forum called WedVidPro this week (a collection of wedding videographers around the world) Dunno if you have heard of it????

    Well, I have to get a couple of new jobs now as I have just spent $2000 of my hard earned money on a new Stedicam and Vest. Hopefully the old one will retrieve a few dollars on eBay to offset the cost but I find it essential on wedding shoots!! The old one was just a single arm unit and shots were a bit "bouncy" The double arm will be a lot better and the vest I got is a back mount which is also much nicer!!

    Do you use one ????


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    Well, no worries Tom, there's another mac user on this forum and now it's 2 against 1! Haha.. just kidding Chris.

    I go with the same notion as Chris, go with what you can afford for the best possible quality, with your eyes peeled right open to what your industry players, competitors and (most importantly) clients are looking out for.

    We could not afford a CRT/LCD monitor (as Chris mentioned, it is too expensive), so I am only using a 24" LG LCD for video editing. The Apple display is dedicated to another graphics station (for obvious reason). I know that Blackmagicdesign has an IO to 'convert' your PC LCD monitor (DVI I think) into a preview monitor. Any of you have tried it?

    What's the weight of your stedicam Chris?
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    Thanks for your input Nagar, nice to hear your thoughts. I haven't tried the Blackmagicdesign, I will have a look into it.

    Your new investment in a stedicam and vest Chris, sounds awesome. I don't actually own one personally, but its a piece of a gear that I would love to have at some stage. Are there any makes/models you can recommend?

    I have also been looking at getting the 'Glidetrack' , I have heard great things about it, any thoughts?


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    Hi Guys

    I have just "upgraded" to the flycam 6000 from CineCity and have my older single arm one (the 5000) on eBay now.
    These are basically Indian made copies of the Tiffen Steadicam and a fraction of the price!! The identical unit from Tiffen is $25,000!!!

    They have a few little faults but basically are sound and work the same and at least allow the "man in the street" affordablity!!!

    The weight is a difficult one but if you exclude the vest (as it's on your body) the basic arm and sled would be around 10kg??? I never weighed them!!! However once the camera is mounted (that's another 2.5kg) etc etc .... the weight is probably all up 15kg BUT the arm system takes all the weight off you and transfers it to the vest!!

    Never heard of glidetrack (the site wouldn't load) but these guys above also have other nice rigs at a fraction of normal prices



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