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    What are red cameras

    can anyone tell me what "Red" cameras are, and what are their pros and cons?

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    Hi Shrooma

    Try the red website for more details but basically it's a modularised camera that has remarkable DOF by using huge chips and good lenses.

    The basic system starts around $12,000 !! but you have video with much the same characteristics as film!!


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    Pros? Modular and the 4k footage have film-like quality. Gives Varicam and all a run for their money. Very impressive

    Cons? Price, although it is not the most expensive system in this field. You will need a substantial online/offline system for post-pro...
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    RED = AWSOME! enough said...

    They currently only have one camera out in the market "Red One" but they have a bunch of stuff due to be released late this year.

    The Red One is a digital cinema kit which provides a full-frame 4K mysterium sensor which allows shallow DOF shots similar to 35mm film.

    4K is the resolution (equivalent to a 12 megapixel DSLR)

    Yes, RED workflow requires a very deep pocket and a very flash Mac Pro!!
    Since there are not many 4K projectors around, most people work offline and render to a 4k archive but release in 1080, or they just work in 1080 archiving only the 4K raw data. The second option is more common (not to mention the time saving 4K online work )

    Have a look at for more info:


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