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    monitor melodrama

    I just moved my computer to another room.When I attached a monitor , the monitor turns on, but nothing happens on the screen at all. I tried 4 separate monitors that I know work, so it's got to be something with the computer. What's causing this?.

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    Let's do a very quick check.

    What exactly appears on the monitor when 'you said nothing at all'... total blank?
    The monitor is plugged into a power source? Monitors and CPU usually have separate power plugs unless you have 'relay' cables that takes power direct from the CPU
    Is the CPU (Computer) cooler fan running? Even if your hard disc crashed, you'll likely enter the 'bios' page, unless other hardware damage is involved.
    Are the processor lights blinking?
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    It could be somthing like the colour has been turnd down, always get this one with school's the kid's love doing this one.

    But try this:

    • make sure all the cables are pluged in and all power switches are turned on.
    • Turn on the computer tower.
    • Check and see if the light on the computer tower is on.
    • If the tower light in not on then you have a problem from the tower
    • If the light is on then turn on the screen and check to see if the light of the screen is on.
    • If the light on the screen is on see if you have a "power saving message" (most screen have a message saying somthing like "in power saving mode")

      If you have come to the end of this list and have the power saving message or all light's are on but no pic, then it look's like you have a problem for your graphic card maybe.

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    I think you should bring it to a monitor repairer

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    What type of monitor do you have - crt or flat screen?
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